The Rainbow Warrior

“The Rainbow Warrior” is the fourth and last book in the Ashley Morgan Jamison series. Ashely is the only woman to ever wear the United States Navy SEAL Trident and she is one of, if not, the most decorated to ever put on a United States Marine Officer uniform.

Ashley is about to complete her assignment as the Assistant Officer in Charge of SEAL Team 1 based in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. She is engaged to Ryan Joshua whom she met and went to the United States Naval Academy with. Ryan is a member of the United States Navy Blue Angel Demonstration Team. They both have concerns about their respective military careers and how their relationship can continue with so much unknown about the future. Their next assignments will have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome.

In the meantime, military orders are never for certain, and things can change in an instant. Just when her life appears to be on the right course the SEALs are called out to another confidential operation which is not only dangerous but has a significantly impact on her military career.

This is not a story about fiction Pirates of the Caribbean. This is a story about real modern-day pirates that are vicious and dangerous and are responsible for millions of dollars of loss annually throughout the world.

Her SEAL mission sets the course for her future and paves the way for the most important decision of her life.

As a four-time NCAA swimming champion and an Olympic medal winner Ashley has spent most of her life in the water. As she sets her course for the future the question is what will be next and will water play a role in it.

The Rainbow Warrior” has both a prolog and an epilogue. So, the readers that have followed the series from the beginning will know what happens to all the main characters as they lived out their respective lives.



President Obama loses the 2012 election to the new Republican front runner, Bruce Gavin, the young Senator from Portland, Oregon. Campaign promises included reducing the National Debt dramatically and quickly before it bankrupts the country.

At the same time, the country is dealing with the moral issue of Gay Marriage. The Supreme Court is hearing arguments and close to a decision that may rock the country and even reach into the Presidency.

What will the President have to do to keep his promise of a return to fiscal sanity? Can he keep the Christian Right Wing of the Republican Party in check and avoid the label of a “RINO”?

With ALOHA!, the authors take you beyond today’s traditional thinking and set you up for a ride into the future. The interesting part of this fiction is that it could be reality within a few more years. Are you ready for it?



ADIOS is the second book in this action packed political thriller trilogy. The first in the series was ALOHA. If you liked ALOHA, then you’re going to love ADIOS.

President Bruce Gavin has his hands full with problems on all fronts. At the top of his list are illegal immigration and the influx of drugs from the Mexican Drug Cartels. Now he learns that al-Qaeda has been in meetings with the largest cartel in Mexico. Nothing good can come from this.

Can a determined woman with two small children stop the most powerful Cartel in Mexico? Follow her intense journey as the drug cartel desperately seeks to destroy her and her family. Will her actions impact US policy on immigration?

President Gavin is “out of the closet” and in a relationship with a defrocked Catholic Priest. Will the US and the World accept an openly gay President or will his sexuality be the cause of his ultimate demise?

ADIOS sets you up for the finale in the last book of the trilogy, GOODBYE.



GOODBYE is the third and final book of the Aloha trilogy. The series began with ALOHA and was followed by ADIOS.

President Bruce Gavin is well into his second term as the 45th President of the United States. Over the course of his Presidency he has resolved many significant problems faced by the United States, yet as he looks to the future the challenges may be even greater.

Al-Qaeda has not gone away and in many ways has grown even stronger. There is no question that they now have cells operating within the United States with the sole purpose to kill Americans and disrupt our way of life.

The Supreme Court has set a date for final arguments on California’s Proposition 8 appeal. Will a decision rendered only impact gay marriage in California or will it set the “Law of the Land”? There are still those in the country that won’t accept the possibility of a “First Man” in the White House, but what options will they have if the Proposition is not upheld on appeal?

Last, the President has been in opposition to the ongoing war in Afghanistan but it has continued and has taken a major toll on our soldiers and our society. Can it be stopped and at what cost?

The Gavin Presidency comes to a close and the characters that have made this trilogy a thrill ride from the very beginning are saying, GOODBYE. Hang on to your hats the ride isn’t over!



By popular demand, The Bruce Gavin trilogy is now a series. This fourth book is set in 2028.

Jeb Bramble followed Bruce Gavin as President and he has just completed his two terms as President. The country has enjoyed 8 years without a foreign war and has no appetite for foreign involvement. The Iran and Israel conflict has escalated once again; this time to the ultimate crisis. Will the United States be willing to come to Israel’s aid?

The Republican Party is desperately seeking someone to follow Jeb against a formidable Democratic candidate with a family pedigree in US politics. Partisan politics is still the rule of the day. Can the Republicans find a leader that can garner support from both sides of the aisle?

The country and the world are being forced to finally deal with the Autism epidemic. The rate of Autism is now one in every 50 births. The economic and societal impact is tremendous and being felt worldwide.

Can a cure be found and at what cost?

The journey continues and some of your favorite characters still have a role to play. Shalom to you!



Ciao is the fifth book of the Bruce Gavin series that started with “Aloha”. This book is set in 2031.

Rose Kennedy Schlossberg had earned the nickname “Iron Lady” and the respect of people all over the world. Her quest for a second term as President is about to begin. Her first real campaign.

With Israel now the newest and 50th State it became clear to the administration that its inclusion brought with it a lot of unforeseen problems. At the top of the list is the problem with Palestine. For 50 years the Israelis and the Palestinians have fought over their homelands. Can the President solve this problem without alienating the Israelis, the Palestinians, or both?

The 28th Amendment to the Constitution has been proposed to allow for the disbanding of the electoral college and the election of the President and Vice President by popular vote. Ratification by the states seems assured. While seemingly a non-issue, the amendment also allows for the NIP (National Initiative Plan) where voters can petition for actual laws that will be passed by popular vote and bypass a stagnant Congress. What kind of challenges might this bring?

To make matters worse, the woman who was the “mole” that provided information to the Iranians on the readiness of Israel’s nuclear capability, has disappeared. Where will she turn up and what effect will she have?

Combine all of this with the fact that Rose Kennedy Schlossberg is single and lonely. Even Presidents are in need of love and companionship. Yet, when in such a position of power, can you trust someone enough to give yourself?

We hope you enjoy this continuing saga and CIAO!



Sayonara is the last book, in the second trilogy, of the Aloha Series. The series begins in 1950 with Aloha and concludes in 2036 with Sayonara. The characters are the heart of the series. Through their eyes, opinions and actions the audience is taken through a series of themes and plot points drawn from today’s headlines.

Sayonara introduces a few new characters and continues with many of the popular ones that have surfaced during the past five books.

In 2011, the great earthquake and tsunami hit Japan with a force as powerful as any natural disaster recorded in history. How is it possible that this natural event could lead to a nuclear war?

The first woman President of the United States, Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, continues to govern with unparalleled popularity, but like all powerful leaders she is not without her enemies. President Schlossberg is also a single woman with significant feelings for a special man in her life. Can the President have a personal life while holding the most powerful position in the world and can she avoid the enemy that would give anything to see her dead?

As usual, North Korea is the wild card in the state of world affairs. The succession of power in the country is of concern to all world powers. Will the son of the current Supreme Leader assume power and shake the world order with the threat of using a nuclear weapon?

All of this combines to make Sayonara a thrill filled political ride that concludes this amazing series. If you have not read them in order, you should. They are Aloha, Adios, Goodbye, Shalom, Ciao and Sayonara. Available at and


Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is the seventh book in the series that began with Aloha. Aloha was followed by Adios and Goodbye and then the series continued with Shalom, Ciao and Sayonara. The books are all political thrillers and Ring of Fire is another extension in the Series.

The first women President of the United States of America, Rose Kennedy Schlosberg, makes the decision to retire and marry a rancher in Evergreen Colorado. President Schlosberg leaves office as one of the most popular and tough Presidents the country has ever had. Her best friends Rita Regas and Cheetah Rappaho live on adjoining ranches and the best friends build a bond as if they were all sisters.

The Presidents Chief of Staff Nora Noitall resumes her position as the editor of the Portland Oregonian but is soon sucked back into the world of politics and ultimately must face challenges that few have ever had to face.

Adding to the drama is Mt. Hood. Located just 50 miles from the city of Portland Oregon, Mt Hood is part of the “Ring of Fire” and suddenly begins to show signs of a potential volcanic eruption. If the mountain should erupt thousands of Oregon citizens would be in danger of not just losing everything they own but all could lose their lives.
Ring of fire brings forth many of the characters that those who follow the series have learned to know and enjoy. The challenges presented in the book, along with all of the twists and turns ,will keep the reader guessing.


The Aftermath

At 11,239 feet Mt. Hood is the tallest Mountain in the state of Oregon. Mt. Hood is also a mountain that is part of the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is a major area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur, It is horseshoe shaped and is large at 40,000 km. It has 452 volcanoes and 81% of the world’s largest earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire.

A major earthquake triggers the eruption of Mt. Hood and the eruption completely destroys 9 towns in the State of Oregon. 25,000 families are left homeless by the event and most families lost everything they owned.

Nora Noitall, the Governor of Oregon is faced with the monumental challenge of what to do in the aftermath.

The Governors Chief of Staff, Sandy Lightfoot is charged with the responsibility of directly dealing with the crisis and developing a creative solution to deal with the issues presented.


The Senkaku Islands Treaty

“The Senkaku Islands Treaty” is the third book in the Ashley Morgan Jamison series. Ashley is an experienced United States Navy SEAL, and she continues as the only woman to ever qualify to wear the Navy SEAL Trident.

Now in her third year as the Assistant Officer in Charge of SEAL Team 1 based in Pearl Harbor Hawaii, she is reunited with her mentor Lieutenant Commander Roscoe Cook and his side kick Gunnery Sergeant Juan Sanchez. Together the three make up a team that is almost unstoppable.

The SEAL Team is always under challenge and the challenges they face in book three are never ending. Ashley is tested to her core and by design is put in a position that could easily result in her death. The results of her efforts pay off and place her in the debt of the wife of the United States Senator from Hawaii.

She also is tested in her one-on-one combat skills. The Senkaku Islands are nothing more than big rocks in the South China Sea. They are however, claimed by Japan, China and Taiwan. Why would the United States care about rocks in the Pacific Ocean and why would they require protection by the United States Navy SEALS? As the conflict erupts, Ashley and her SEAL team find themselves in the middle of the struggle. Ashley is once again tested and proves when the need to kill is there she performs as required.

Her relationship with Ryan Joshua is stronger than ever and the result of three years together presents challenges that neither ever expected.

How does the only woman SEAL to ever where the Trident meet the challenges she faces professionally and at the same time foster a personal relationship that goes far beyond just being friends. For those who have followed her adventures to date you are in for a real ride.



The Haeju Virus is the second book in the Ashley Morgan Jamison series. This story is fiction but is built on a foundation of fact. Ashely Morgan Jamison is the first woman, and to this date, the only woman to earn and wear the United States Navy SEAL Triton.

The story of how she achieved this is written in the first book in the series “The only easy day was yesterday.”

After earning her SEAL designation, she was assigned as the Assistant Officer in Charge of SEAL Team 1 based in Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

This book takes you through her first year as the AIOC of SEAL Team operations. It includes a variety of challenges but none that stand up to the major one she must face. US and South Korean Intelligence discovers that the North Koreans are up to no good again and are in the process of developing a weapon of mass destruction. Can they be stopped? And if so, what role will the SEAL Team play in it.

On the personal side, Ashley renews her relationship with Ryan Joshua whom she met at the Naval Academy. Ryan was Captain of the Navy Gymnastics Team during the time Ashley was achieving her swimming success. Ryan graduated before Ashley and went to Naval Flight School. He graduated from flight school at the top of his class. Ryan is now attached to the USS Yorktown CV-10. He flies the F-18 Super Hornet off the carrier and has already had two deployments.

Ashley has never had a serious personal relationship How will she handle it? How will she do as an AIOC leader, and will her men respect her? The challenges ahead for her on both the professional and personal side will keep you reading and not want to put this book down.


The Only Easy Day was Yesterday

The Only Easy Day was Yesterday is the unofficial motto of the United States Navy SEAL. This story is fiction but it is built on a foundation of fact. It is the story of Ashley Morgan Jamison and how she earned the Navy SEAL Triton and became the first woman in American history to earn the right to be called a Navy SEAL.

Navy SEALs are not born that way. They work hard to develop the physical strength to make it happen, and they must have a mindset that allows them to be mentally tough.

Ashley is challenged at each stage of her life, but she meets all challenges with a mental toughness that very few possess. This is a story that just doesn’t happen overnight. It is a story that is developed over 23 years of a woman’s life. Every year presents a new challenge and Ashley thrives on challenges.

Ashley’s story is fiction but it is not far from reality. Women are now allowed to apply to become United States Navy SEALs but they must pass every test that men must pass. There are no qualification differences. Some women have tried but, as of this writing, no woman has yet to succeed.

It is my hope that somewhere, sometime a woman will read this story, and based on Ashley’s experiences, the reader will learn, apply and succeed in pulling off something that no woman has yet to accomplish.

I would like nothing better than to see this fiction story become a reality.